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Now already within my head i fear that this post may make me sound a little silly, however i shall try and put across what i’m trying to say in the best form possible.
As much as i might hope to be a very laid back, out going, adventurous, light hearted and gentle person. The truth is, within lies a dark horse for all things, dirty, naughty, evil, antagonistic, angst-ish. To make sense of it, i know that in fact those things can only be considered to be that if you consider them to be that, or so if you consider there to be an opposite. Light and dark, etc…
But light of the fact, i love what is described as what is bad. What’s naughty is nice.
So, to get to what would seem an almost off the point but somewhat still almost visible comparison, the ultimate sexyness and delightful of all naughty things within the bedroom has to be latex, of all different shapes, styles, sizes and so much more. I find myself physically drawn to it. The smell, taste, thought, idea, tightness, the inescapable restrictiveness of itself helps to free one from the realities of the real world and take an aspect of escapism into another. This item of lingerie from ( is incredibly sexy, due to the shine of the black latex itself but also due to the incredibly and always sexy leopard print.

The best people…

The best people in life are free.

Now we’ve all heard the famous song ‘The best things in life are free’ and perhaps someone has already copyrighted the quote above and i just haven’t stumbled across it. It’s fine by me either way, but if it hasn’t, or wether you just haven’t thought about it or not, perhaps take a second to consider the idea. The best people in life are free, the ones who put their interests and life goals first, the ones who are happy and content with whatever it is they have. The people who don’t take opinion from others as fact but can carefully consider them should they so wish to. Those people, the ones who are free, are free.

Getting fit

Getting fit

I really want to set this notion into motion and get fit! I have quite specific goals at the moment, as i have no real knowledge into this area at all, thus i’m sort of just playing it by ear until i work out some sort of routine or fitness programme. I want to turn all general medium sized fitted t-shirts into what would be considered a tight fit. So, you’ve guess it, i want to focus mainly on my arms and increasing body muscle/mass. As with doing this i also want my body to become more flexible and generally fitter. By spending a lot more time out doors and taking in the good oxygen as opposed to lounging about at home. I’m using ‘Matthew McConaughey’ as one of a few selective body idols in an attempt to give myself something more to strive after.

The man who sued God

The man who sued God

I’ve just finished watching this, and although i found it to be a little cheaply made and or edited at some points that was neither here nor there really. I found it to be quite the quaint and cheerful movie that i would expect from a performance from Billy Connolly. I have a tendency towards the sound of his voice and the fluency and passion of the way he speaks, even in anger his words seem formidable yet beautiful. I’m not particularly one to write reviews on movie so i’ll call time on it here, i’d recommend you watch it though.