Lust! Brighton

When it comes to sex shops, the dismal downstairs behind a curtain posterior can put people off, but Lust! in Brighton brings class and sass to your everyday sex shops!



“Set pulses racing in this naughty nurse fantasy dress. The only thing you need to provide is the patient! Mini-length latex dress with white apron front panel and piping. Available in Red, black or baby blue.”




Now already within my head i fear that this post may make me sound a little silly, however i shall try and put across what i’m trying to say in the best form possible.
As much as i might hope to be a very laid back, out going, adventurous, light hearted and gentle person. The truth is, within lies a dark horse for all things, dirty, naughty, evil, antagonistic, angst-ish. To make sense of it, i know that in fact those things can only be considered to be that if you consider them to be that, or so if you consider there to be an opposite. Light and dark, etc…
But light of the fact, i love what is described as what is bad. What’s naughty is nice.
So, to get to what would seem an almost off the point but somewhat still almost visible comparison, the ultimate sexyness and delightful of all naughty things within the bedroom has to be latex, of all different shapes, styles, sizes and so much more. I find myself physically drawn to it. The smell, taste, thought, idea, tightness, the inescapable restrictiveness of itself helps to free one from the realities of the real world and take an aspect of escapism into another. This item of lingerie from ( is incredibly sexy, due to the shine of the black latex itself but also due to the incredibly and always sexy leopard print.

House Of Harlot

House Of Harlot

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House of Harlot
is a company of designers and skilled artisans who manufacture fabulous garments, specialising in Latex rubber. The label was begun in 1991, by Robin and Michelle Archer. For the past twenty years, Robin Archer has been designing and making fetish fashions in rubber, leather and other materials.

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